MAC Lady Danger - Matte Lipstick

MAC Lady Danger - Matte Lipstick |
MAC Lady Danger - Matte Lipstick |
MAC's matte lipstick in the shade 'lady danger' was one of the first MAC lipsticks I ever purchased. I love wearing bold colours so I was instantly drawn to this beautiful orange toned red.

The packaging is cute. It's just the standard MAC bullet which comes in a matte black box. Nothing amazing about it, but it's nice, simple and sleek too. It's quite nice for travelling with too. It doesn't weigh a tonne like the YSL lipsticks & I feel that MAC has a wider variety of colours and ranges in comparison to YSL.

Lady Danger is cost me £16.50 from the MAC counter in Selfridges. However, places like Debenhams and MAC's official website do sometimes have offers such as 10% off. So look out for those if you do fancy saving a few pennies!

The formula is matte and very creamy. It easily applies to your lips and there's no dragging. Also, the creamy formula makes cleaning up any smudges a million times easier! Although Lady Danger is a matte lipstick, there is a little sheen to it. As you can see in the swatch above the light does still catch on it. I'm happy with that, I'm not a huge fan of the concrete matte look. however it is something to consider for those who are after a super concrete matte finish.

I now have a few other MAC lipsticks on my wishlist! The popular shade whirl being one of them! MAC has so many shades, it's actually quite over whelming, in a good way! I'm open to suggestions :)

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