Something New Wishlist

Something New Wishlist |
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I think it's so important to try new products, I tend to get stuck to one brand but recently I've delved more into the drugstore and high-end worlds and found some really snazzy products... if only payday would hurry up!

Recently I've gained a little obsession with sweet smelling body butter, I'm currently using one by original source from Boots, it smells like toffee and it's sooo sweet *heaven* Over on Asos I spotted raspberry ice-cream body butter, I'm in love with it's cute, vintage popcorn-esq stripes.

Part of Paul & Joe's SS collection is this really cute animal embossed face/eye collection. It comes complete with a blush, highlighter, bronzer and shadow which are all multi purpose so you can go wild (hint:spot the pun) 

Nude polishes are da basically I love how toned down they are but also noticeable which is great for interviews or just in general. Over at H&M they've got a set of nudes, really well priced, great if you're on a budget too.

The controversial Anastaaa-sia is all over the blogosphere so I'm pretty intrigued and want to give the ever so notorious pomade a whirl, it's also not as expensive as I'd assumed it was. 

Everyone loves a good something from Topshop, they're budget friendly and decent quality, what's not to love? Their shadow in the shade interstellar is so pretty. My make up collection is also lacking in single potted eye shadows, they're so much easier to throw in your handbag than a huge palette. 

Lastly, over on Polyvore I found a pair of boots from River Island but they're sold out. So desperately looking for some similar :( I don't own many pairs of boots so I'm definitely up to incorporating some of those into my life!